With immediate effect, KYCnow offers the exclusive possibility of obtaining international credit reports from over 200 countries in addition to national reports. The cooperation with our partners Dun&Bradstreet & kompany enables customers to check international companies for compliance risks. In conjunction with the newly implemented SCHUFA creditworthiness products, the option of checking internationally operating companies for creditworthiness risks is also offered.

Worldwide partnerships

The partnership for global risk assessment promotes the rapid and customer-oriented internationalization of the KYCnow platform. With the expansion of the portfolio, we now ensure the risk identification of global companies, making it much easier for customers to assess various risks. Information for the final risk assessment can be obtained automatically via the digital interfaces or manually via KYCnow-View (web application).

The partnership with Dun&Bradstreet enables the database to be expanded by around six million B2B to over 340 million global company data. With the connection of Dun&Bradstreet’s network to the KYCnow platform, international company information can be directly accessed to automatically calculate beneficial owners.

To enable companies to be identified using international register data in addition to the master data of the partnership with Dun&Bradstreet, cooperation with our partner kompany has been completed. With kompany, GwG (German Anti-Money Laundering Act) obligated parties and other KYCnow users are able to identify a company with foreign headquarters directly via the KYCnow platform. Thanks to the direct implementation, register extracts of globally active companies can be easily ordered via the KYCnow platform. To complete the screening of international companies for money laundering risks, the new SCHUFA credit rating products have also been implemented.

Thanks to this extension, international business information from over 200 countries can now be obtained, which means that in addition to the basic register information and identification, essential key financial figures, complete balance sheets, payment behavior and creditworthiness information, and much more, are included. With the resulting credit recommendation and a globally uniform scoring, internationally active business partners and customers can immediately be evaluated and compared 1:1.

Are you interested in receiving international business information at the touch of a button?

Please feel free to approach your ClariLab, SCHUFA or fino. We will then immediately activate the new function, which will enable you to obtain credit reports as usual via the document tab of an international KYCnow file.

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You can find knowledgeable articles on ClariLab topics related to the new supply chain law and further detailed information on the KYC process with the connection of international data & registers on our blog.

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ClariLab GmbH & Co. KG is a joint venture founded in 2020 by SCHUFA Holding AG and the fintech company fino. We are 50 percent data-driven, 50 percent tech-driven. This means we combine expertise in secure identification and GwG-(German Anti-Money Laundering Act) compliant verification of the necessary information on legal entities and natural persons with distinctive development expertise and networking in the financial world. The primary goal of the Regtech service provider is to support companies in complying with regulatory requirements and to help ensure that KYC-relevant information can be obtained to a uniform standard. Today, more than 900 customers from the banking, factoring, financial services, payment services, insurance, real estate, commodities trading and crypto custody sectors are part of the customer base and work with the KYCnow platform. What drives us? Curiosity, speed and not being afraid of big issues.