Dynamic, custom-fit and white-label

Behind fino Module is a system of various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) & User Interface components (UI) as well as Software Development Kits (SDKs), which we have developed together with partners to relieve you and your customers of work. This way you have more time for the essentials.

Our technologies link your applications with banking functions, deliver corporate information, help your customers keep track of their contracts, provide document services, and bring order to the flood of daily emails. In addition, valuable information is identified in this way, which we put into context in our Profile module – so that you can quickly and easily gain a comprehensive view of your customers and partners.

With our Open Banking Modules, we have taken access to account further, combining secure and intuitive Access to Account (XS2A) with pioneering data analytics technology that links individual data points. Transaction data reflects virtually the entire life of the customer. Income, expenses, living and housing situations, as well as credit, liquidity, loans and contracts of all kinds, describe in detail the world of both private and business customers and are relevant information for tailoring products, services and customer experiences even better to their needs. Depending on the use case or business model, our AI-based Open Banking Modules can be combined according to the modular principle and provide you and your customers with exactly the information and insights that will help you advance your project – customized, modular, connecting the dots!

Another interface that makes it easy for you to make your processes more efficient is our optical text recognition OCR fintract. Our useful API fintract, transforms documents into structured data in seconds, eliminating the need for manual entry – whether it’s invoices, bank statements, pay slips, payment advices, ID documents, Covid test results or vaccination certificates. The information is promptly available where it is needed.

Whether it’s account or contract switching, data analysis or accounting automation – fino modules help you offer your customers even greater added value in the future. Our premium solutions and their modules can be freely combined so that they fit your business model exactly and interlock seamlessly in every case.