Florian, CEO @ fino
Florian is the founder of fino, a family man and curious by nature.

He enjoys using technology to make the world a little easier. This is usually how new business models are created.

Today, Florian is an entrepreneur, investor, board member, sparring partner and keynote speaker.

His topic focus is on #technology, #SaaS, #FinTech, #TaxTech and #entrepreneurship.  

Florian, when did you start your first company?

That’s answered quickly: on 30.08.1995 I picked up my business registration for 35 D-Mark and from then on helped SMEs with their IT. Quickly, more than 200 SMEs understood how to stand out with technology.

How did fino come about?
After twelve years in business, it was time for me to be an entrepreneur again. I wanted to build the products we believe in with a handful of great people. The ambition is still the same today, but there are a few teams, so we can move a lot more.

What values have you brought to fino?
I don’t want to pretend, I want to be authentic; take responsibility for my actions and only build honest business models where we make money when someone is satisfied and happy. This also requires courage, curiosity and an obsession with learning.  

What’s next for fino?

Over the last few years, we have consistently taken advantage of opportunities in the market. Today, fino stands on four legs and has excellent partners.

Our strength comes from our independence, and yet I see the opportunity to establish footholds with other companies in new industries in order to lead their business models into the future with our technological know-how.

How have you changed during your time at fino?
I’ve learned that I should care more about people, rather than products, and that it’s important to take my experiences beyond today’s fino world. It’s not my basic nature, but I’m learning and grateful for the opportunities.

What do you enjoy about everyday life?
What is everyday life? I enjoy working with people, seeing their individual passion and helping them become great.

.. and next to people?
I am curious and like to surround myself with new things – with what is happening right now. To change tomorrow, I try everything that is possible today. This gives me a good feeling about what technology could change our behavior tomorrow and I know where we need to get involved as fino to take people into the future.