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With “License as a Service” from fino, you can use banking technologies in compliance with the strict PSD2 guidelines, even without your own PSD2 license. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business – even on the European market!

Licensing as a Service

SIMple, secure & Compliant

As one of the first FinTechs in Germany, fino received permission from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to initiate payment transactions (PISP) and provide account information services (AISP). We offer our partners and customers the opportunity to use banking technologies in accordance with the strict PSD2 guidelines as a License as a service. This enables companies without their own PSD2 license to offer their financial products as legally compliant and future-proof financial solutions without having to worry about the regulatory requirements themselves. Use the time for the essentials – fino takes care of the license!

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Focus on the essentials

Our Service for your Business Model

Benefit with your business simply and quickly from our AIS/PIS license!

Save yourself time-consuming licensing and registration procedures with BaFin!

Use banking technologies in a legally secure and PSD2-compliant way as a License as a service!

Doubly powerful - our Open Banking API & LaaS creates new perspectives for your business model!

fino is BaFin-licensed payment initiation and account information service (PISP/AISP)

Business without borders - with License as a Service you don't have to miss out on any market!

“We want to provide our partners and customers with products and services that allow them to focus on their core business. Our License as a Service is just that: PSD2 compliant use of banking technologies without complex licensing procedures – a plug & play for regulatory requirements!”

Aleksandar Jeremic

Managing Director FinTech

Effort Minimal & Efficient


Whether you want to perform payment initiation services or provide account information services, you need a Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) license and/or registration to comply with the strict PSD2 guidelines. Save yourself time and nerves for the time-consuming procedure – do without, the preparation of a 100-page licensing application as well as regular audits or reports to the supervisory authorities. With License as a Service from fino, you will reach your goal quickly and with minimal effort.
Fulfil all regulatory requirements in no time at all!

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