Legal Counsel
In-house lawyer
Gloria Gleim joined fino in April 2020, in the middle of the first lockdown. The lawyer ensures that our company is always on the safe side legally. Gloria has previously worked for more than ten years in various law firms, but prefers to work on the corporate side ever since her legal clerkship. According to the 42-year-old, things can be arranged more creatively there and there is the opportunity to work with colleagues from many different specialist areas.

What is your area of responsibility at fino, Gloria?
This has continuously expanded and is fortunately very multi-layered. Originally, I was hired for contract management, i.e. for drafting and negotiating contracts. Then my experience in the areas of labor and corporate law was very quickly appreciated. fino has several companies. Of course, there’s always something to do in the area of labor law, because new employees are coming on board all the time and some are leaving. I also make sure that the products we develop are legally secure and that we can go live with them. I also negotiate contracts with new customers and represent fino in court in case of emergency.

How did you come to work at fino?
I have always wanted to work for a company. However, when I finished my legal clerkship and applied, the more attractive offers came from law firms. Here, I was lucky enough to be able to primarily serve companies as clients. I simply enjoyed that and it strengthened my preference for working in a company rather than in a law firm.  Then came parental leave, which I – like many others – used to reorient myself. In the process, I came across the job offer from fino. It totally appealed to me because the description highlighted what I identify with. I’m not the type of lawyer who does everything by the book or just says what can’t be done, but rather the type who wants to use creativity and legal know-how to make projects possible and get the best result for the company. During my interview, I also had the opportunity to get to know the fino team, which, in addition to the exciting field of activity of a FinTech, strengthened my resolve to work for this company.

What is the difference between working as a lawyer in a law firm and in a company?
The big difference is that as a lawyer in a law firm, you are often only hired when the worst case scenario has occurred, after the horse has already bolted, so to speak. Clients are sued, for example, or want to sue because a customer has not paid his invoice or something similar. In a company, on the other hand, lawyers can play a creative role in many areas right from the start. For example, in the case of an emerging business relationship, they can point out dangers in good time and prevent them by doing a good job of drafting and negotiating contracts, or they can advise on whether and how a new product to be developed is legally feasible.

In your opinion, is there a difference between working as a lawyer at a FinTech or at a “traditional” company?
Yes, definitely. It starts with the different areas of law. Most companies buy and sell their products. In the FinTech sector, on the other hand, it becomes more specialized because we have to comply with more extensive regulations. In addition, fino is very innovative and has many product ideas. With every new development, there are always new challenges that we have to master.

What makes fino special for you?
Working at fino is fun. fino practically demands active involvement and makes the necessary leap of faith. I noticed that right from the start. Very quickly, the management gave me the feeling that they trusted me completely and that I was doing a really good job. It’s not a matter of course that this is explicitly conveyed to you, and it’s naturally very motivating. For example, when I ask whether we should send the brief in the form I prepared, I often get the answer “Yes, of course, I don’t even have to read it, I’m sure you drafted it perfectly”. This is a great way of working and a nice confirmation. In addition, there is the time freedom that fino offers me. For example, I have a late lunch break from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. so I can take care of my son during that time and still work full time. That wasn’t an issue from the start and is simply fantastic in terms of family friendliness.

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