Easy access to more than 25,000 company logos directly in your application

Whether for presentation, website or app – to enhance their products graphically, companies often need up-to-date logos. They first search for these manually, request them and then convert them into the required format. This is a resource-intensive process with considerable potential for error. This is because logos are often included in unsuitable resolutions or outdated variants, which worsens the customer experience and the response to the offers. Do you recognize yourself? Then you should know that such negative consequences can now be avoided. Because the process of logo integration can be automated, for example with the help of our Logo API.

The fino solution can be seamlessly integrated into numerous applications. This makes it particularly interesting for target groups such as banks, comparison portals and delivery services. These receive simple and direct access to our self-learning company database, which currently contains more than 25,000 logos. Based on identification features such as company name, creditor ID, IBAN, BIC, bank code, domain and, if required, other identifiers, the required company logos are retrieved within seconds. The available image files are available in various formats, including SVG, PNG as well as JPG, and can be easily integrated thanks to a fast content delivery network. All logos are characterized by a high quality representation and are always up to date due to the constant checking of the existing files for up-to-dateness and the expansion of the database. In addition, further information such as address data for the company searched can be displayed.

This gives companies the opportunity to enhance their solutions efficiently and professionally, thus increasing brand recognition and improving usability. This in turn contributes to a positive customer experience and strengthens customer loyalty – a benefit that enables companies to stand out positively in the market.

Take the opportunity, let us advise you!

Bild von Florian Christ

Yours, Florian Christ
fino CEO