fino provides sales impulses for banks and financial service providers

Kassel. With the Insights Pilot from fino, banks, financial service providers and insurance companies can now meet their customers’ expectations even better. This is because this new service from the fintech company fino analyzes which financial and insurance products customers are already using and provides suitable supplements or points out the need for them. In […]

Automate account switching and leverage sales potential

Banks are continuously reducing their headcount in order to cut costs. To enable them to maintain their advisory services even with thinner staffing levels, manual activities must be automated to a large extent. A typical example of this is account switching. In our experience, many banks still do this manually. A lot of time is […]

This is how a digital credit check succeeds in next to no time

When a customer applies for a loan or wants to conclude a leasing contract, he usually has to prove that he can pay the monthly installments. With our Universal Banking Access (UBA) interface and our creditworthiness check service, customers no longer need to submit the relevant documents manually, which is time-consuming. At the same time, […]