fino team rolls up its sleeves

In the fight against the pandemic, dozens of finos have had themselves vaccinated. Around 40 employees and their partners took up the FinTech’s offer to receive the first prick against COVID-19 from a company doctor at the company’s headquarters in Kassel. “We see ourselves as a family and take responsibility. Therefore, it was very important […]

fino is a member of the banking association

Kassel. fino is proud to have been accepted into the banking association. This means that the Kassel-based fintech company is now part of the select group of associate members of Germany’s largest lobby group for private banks. fino will be actively involved in its membership in order to drive forward new initiatives, for example with […]

Relevance is the new currency – here’s how you make it happen

Time is precious, and with the flood of information, attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter. Only what is relevant is perceived at all. That is why it is important for every company to create relevance for its products and services if it wants to be successful. Data and the right partners pave the way for […]

Liquidity management as a mainstay of corporate success

Ensuring liquidity is essential for the success of a company and enables incoming invoices to be paid on time at all times. Otherwise, there is not only the threat of avoidable costs such as interest on arrears or reminder fees, but also, in the worst case, a trip to the insolvency court. The word liquid […]

Banks and fintechs: a symbiosis with added value – especially now

Hardly a day goes by without headlines about banks breaking new ground and banking undergoing fundamental change. The partnership between Deutsche Bank and Google, the introduction of Apple Pay in conjunction with the Sparkassen Girocard, and more intensive cooperation between Mastercard and crypto companies are just a few recent examples. These make it clear: In […]

Innovative and competitive with co-creation

You may have already read about our people-first approach on our website. About the fact that, true to our motto “Less finance #moreyou”, we don’t just deliver products, but bring our skills and our team to partners, co-create business models and take responsibility for their success. Today, we would like to introduce you to the term […]